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I’m often asked if we’re going to make a third MAGIC MIKE movie and my answer is always the same, “the live show is the third movie.” It’s the evolution of our favorite ideas that we began to explore in the films. We imagined a world where all women were empowered to ask for more…more from men, from sex, from entertainment…from everything. We imagined a world where sexuality was celebrated as art. Where people could come to shows like ours with their friends and walk out with huge smiles on their faces, feeling turned on, powerful, and free.

I wanted to create a space where men really listened to women. Where all women could experience a place where just being themselves would be enough for every man in the room. I wanted to take a type of entertainment that had not evolved at all since the late 70’s, and reimagine it for the world we live in right now— to provocatively jumpstart the conversation about what it is that women really want from the men in their lives. I wanted to see what kind of creativity would emerge from men when they listened to women and gave them what they wanted.

After a lot of listening and literally years of work, I came together with a very special group of artists to launch MAGIC MIKE LIVE in Las Vegas. We were all truly humbled by the incredible response to the show from women around the world and without question, the hundreds of thousands of women who experienced the show inspired us to try to do more – to take it to the next level, which we accomplished with the London production of MAGIC MIKE LIVE.

The Berlin production of MAGIC MIKE LIVE takes it a step further – it's our biggest and boldest production, yet. I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it for you. I hope you laugh, scream at the top of your lungs, and make it rain. And most of all I hope you ask for more. Thank you so much for spending your night with us.

Channing Tatum


The Channing Tatum crafted, 360-degree dance and acrobatic spectacular is made for a woman's gaze but directed at a woman's heart.

Imagine a world where all women were empowered to ask for more…more from men, from a night out, from everything they wanted…and all of their desires were met. Experience that and more, at MAGIC MIKE LIVE, a large-scale, live production show based on the hit films MAGIC MIKE and MAGIC MIKE XXL, conceived and co-directed by Channing Tatum. Guests will enter MAGIC MIKE’s mythical Club Theater and marvel as a group of extraordinary artists perform in front of, behind, and above the excited audience. Sexy and daring dance routines are entwined with one-of-a-kind acts from a diverse cast of performers from around the world. MAGIC MIKE LIVE is a sizzling 360-degree dance and acrobatic spectacular with a comedic storyline and a magical, transformative production design that will stand alone as one of the most unique productions ever presented in Germany. The 90-minute performance is equal parts empowering and exhilarating - whether you are looking for the ultimate date night or an unforgettable girls' night out, MAGIC MIKE LIVE is a night of sexy entertainment made for a woman’s gaze and directed at a woman’s heart.

The Club Theater at Potsdamer Platz, which also hosts the Berlinale Events, has undergone an extensive renovation to create a beautiful and unique space for the 90-minute production. This brand-new space in the heart of Berlin is hot, sexy and at the same time a lot of fun, specifically designed for a generation of women who demand and deserve so much more than a typical night out.

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